EMAIL/CALL FOR PRICE AVL Technologies 1.0m-1098FA VSAT Fly-Away

EMAIL/CALL FOR PRICE AVL Technologies 1.0m-1098FA VSAT Fly-Away


AVL Technologies Model 1098FA Mobile Motorized VSAT FlyAway antenna is an ideal system for MVSAT applications that require DSL, T1, and Cable internet speeds in remote areas.  The 1098 FA series packs into two rugged and compact transport cases which provide extreme portability and easy mobility.  This system is easily deployed by two personnel.


    Field Upgradable

    The 1098's versatile platform also features an upgraded fly & drive kit which allows the antenna system to be mounted to a large assortment of vehicles including compact cars, trucks, all-terrain vehicles and trailers. 



    AVL's composite reflector construction provides a ruggedized yet light weight platform which delivers exceptional gain characteristics while maintaining a highly versatile mobile footprint.  A 2-port precision Ku-Band feed also comes standard. 


    Typical applications of the 1098 antenna include:

    Broadband internet access

    Military - Net-Centric Communications Logistics

    Special forces

    War fighters

    Homeland Security & Defense

    First Responders

    Emergency backup and recovery services

    Police & Law enforcement



    Red Cross

    FEMA Local government services

    Mobile Libraries (book mobiles)

    Disaster recovery

    Remote medicine

    Insurance companies

    Oil and gas exploration

    Mining, forestry and construction operations

    Secure, high speed digital communications

    Voice, data, fax, communications

    Teleconferencing Wide area private network extension

    Video broadcasting IP based communcations

    Data Collection - Natural resources; Remote construction; mobile office; Mobile Sports and News Reporting

    Movie Productions

    Recreational vehicles