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Industronic DT 003 Digital Desktop Intercom Station

Industronic DT 003 Digital Desktop Intercom Station


The digital desktop intercom stations of the DT/DTE 705 series are operated together with the INDUSTRONIC communication and public address systems INTRON-D and INTRON-D plus. They are designed for use in control rooms, measuring stations or control centers.


    Modular membrane keypads with up to 112 keys can be integrated in one device including the corresponding labeling fields and LEDs for signaling. For applications which are subject to increased mechanical stress you can use up to 70 momentary switches. The intercom station is continuously monitored. The microphone is monitored according to the DIN EN 60849 standard.

    • Plastic housing (ABS) with aluminum base plate
    • Gooeseneck microphone 300 mm (11.8")
    • Built-in loudspeaker 7 DLT
    • Up to 7 plug-in keypads
    • Key cover to protect the keys against accidental actuation
    • 25 DVT booster amplifier
    • DTE 705 with interface for handset connection with integrated talk-back key (1 HAS 001)