KRUSS KSW8000 Stereo Microscope with Zoom

KRUSS KSW8000 Stereo Microscope with Zoom


The KRUSS KSW8000 is a stereo zoom and tilting microscope, with a 7x – 45x zoom objective and LED illumination. The optical head has a 45 degree incline, and the tilt has a 360 degree swivel. This instrument is delivered complete with stone holder, Darkfield, and 10 Plano eyepieces.


    KSW8000 - The pivoting stereo microscope with zoom objective lens for the professional gemologist. 

    The KSW8000 microscope leaves nothing to be desired. Its modern lighting system consists of a combination of transmitted light, incident light and dark-field LED illumination as well as integrated daylight illumination. Both the main body and the head of the microscope can be rotated up to 360° and the stands can be tilted at angles of up to 90°. The magnification factor is between 7x and 45x and is continuously variable over the whole range of magnification.

    A large selection of accessories, for example stone tongs, plane objectives with iris diaphragms, polarization units and immersion cuvettes, offer the highest level of flexibility.

    • 10x wide-field eyepieces
    • 0.7-4.5x zoom objective
    • 45° insight
    • 90° tiltable
    • 360° pivotable
    • LED incident and transmitted light Extra fiber optic light guide Dark-field with iris diaphragm
    • Stone holder Phototube
    • Gemmology Diamond and gemstone examination